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As a result of an attack on a Coptic bus, seven people died – Incidents


CAIRO, Nov. 2 / Tass /. The victims of an attack on Egypt on the Coptic bus (Egyptian Christians) attacked seven people and the same number was injured. This is reported in the electronic version of the Al-Ahram newspaper, referring to an official source in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic.

As indicated earlier, a group of armed men opened fire on a minibus with Christians near the Sacred Monastery of Egypt, Egypt's El Minya province. It is known that the convoy had three buses, one of them hit. The soldiers arrived in an SUV, blocked the road and opened fire. Among the dead – three children. Christians were sent to pilgrimage to Sohag (Upper Egypt) when the terrorists were shocked. The drivers of the two cars, after hearing the shooting, managed to extract them from the bomb and the escape.

Meanwhile, according to the sources of security forces Al-Ahram refers to, the monastery's main road is now closed for security reasons. For this reason, the Kopts used unprotected bypass roads, one of which was attacked. According to the Ministry of the Interior, on-site investigators are already working on getting to know the circumstances of the case. The task force created by the head of the department head is looking for attackers.

The information portal, Copts United, referring to the congregation's representatives, previously informed that 10 people were victims of this attack. After the incident, the Coptic Church has already called on Christians to carry out the trip to the remote monasteries, many of them in Egypt.

Terrorist attacks against Christians

In May 2017, in the same area, a militant group launched an armed attack on the Copts busses when they went to St. Sámuel Monastery. Then about 30 people were killed, including young children, dozens of wounded.

In April of the same year, in the Egyptian Christian churches where celebrations of palm trees (Palm) were held on Sunday, significant terrorist attacks were committed. First, in Tirana, 60 km north of Cairo, a suicide bombing explosive was launched at the Anglican cathedral in Mar-Girgis (St. George). When all public attention was focused on the events of the city, a second explosion plummeted near St. Mark's Cathedral (Mar-Marcus) in Alexandria. The bomber trying to get in was stopped by the police to check with the metal detector, and a few seconds later he was only two feet from two police officers. A total of 45 people died that day and more than one hundred wounded.

Following the terrorist attacks in the country, an emergency situation has been introduced by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, which is still in force every three months.

The country's president, who is currently attending the 2nd World Youth Forum in Sharm el-Sheikh on November 3-6, expressed his condolences to the victims' families.

"I condemn the martyrs who have fallen in the hands of traitors, who undermine the solidarity of our country," said the president. does not affect our nation's desire to continue fighting for survival and creation. "

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