Saturday , June 3 2023

Divorce Meriporo Sinoh |


According to her parents, the marriage of her daughter and Ilya Drevnov must have collapsed years ago.

Maria Poroshinoy's mother, Natalya Krasnoyarskaya, is also a professional actor. She also repeatedly changed her husband. But one of them and the daughter of Maria's growing daughter was not the star of the TV series "Kitchen" Dmitry Nazarov today. Poroshina still believes that it is better to imagine his father better than Nazarov. This suggests that Mary grew up surrounded by real men and became accustomed to it. And she mistook Illya Drevnova for her husband. The man was an infant, but the actress lived with him for 17 years and worked for two, and he gave birth to three children, a 12-year-old seraphim today, Agla Pen of 8, and a glamorous 2-year-old.

"I have long wanted this to happen, there are men grown up by men, and men remain for a lifetime, and she has no help." Natalya Krasnoyarskaya said in the program, "You will not believe!" – "Masha could build a house but he does not want it. This is an additional cost. I taught him to hold training in my hands. "

Poroshina met a man who was the father of a new love, her future son. The baby is born in January. StarHit wrote, "Until a new elected candidate makes an offer to an actress, he can not always be with her like he lives in Spain."

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