Sunday , January 29 2023

Influenza vaccination in the Volgograd region is over


According to the news agency, 853,800 people in the region, including about 126,000 children, have been vaccinated against the Rospotrebnadzor media service in the region. 97% of chronic illnesses, 94% of health workers, 87% of novices and workers in residential and utility areas, 81% of students, 80.5% of teachers and 80% of pensioners over 60 years of age were vaccinated.

Most of the adults vaccinated before the flu season begins have already been vaccinated. Campaigning among children will last longer. Over the next few days, new vaccine batches will be delivered to students and preschool students in this area. In addition, employers in the Volgograd region have invested over 26,000 employees at their own expense.

According to Rospotrebnadzor's regional office, no problems or incidents have been found during immunization. None of the Volgograd doctors who were vaccinated showed any allergic reactions to the vaccine or any complications.

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