Thursday , June 1 2023

"Nobody with me in leadership of Spartacus"


Stanislav Cherchesov, coach of the Russian national team, has mentioned rumors about the possibility of being appointed to Spartak Moscow.

– There was a story recently that could come to Spartak. Does your agreement provide a combination of posts?

– I will answer this way. No one has ever contacted me from the "Spartacus" executive. No one has spoken to my supervisor about this subject. So nobody contacted or contacted, but they were denied. You must come to Spartak to form a European Cup winner.

– But is the combination possible?

– I replied. 3 points. The subject is closed. The question is good. Because when you read something else to yourself, I want to pick up a few words. But here I gave a concrete answer – I could not invent anything in any way.

According to media reports, Stanislav Cherchesov was one of the candidates for head coach positions at Spartak in Moscow after his removal of Massimo Carrera.

Cherchesov called a Russian team in a game against Germany and Sweden.

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