Friday , March 31 2023

UAC Announces Development of Long-haul Aviation Airfields :: Society :: RBC


United Aircraft Corporation has announced that it has begun developing a promising long-haul airfield, according to UAC Facebook. Details of the company's projects are not disclosed, but development is under special control of the Supreme Commander and Defense Minister.

UAC also reported on the plan to modernize the strategic missile carriers Tu-160M ​​and Tu-95MS equipped with the new X-101 cruise missiles.

In addition, the development of the heavy Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft and the development of modern tankers at the base are underway. The prototype is expected to be produced in the first quarter of next year. Depending on the results of the work, the mass of the cargo and the distance it travels can be increased to improve the combat capability of the airline, special and long-haul.

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