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Valery Meladze asked Alina Dzhanabaeva to mediate and leave their families alone.


10:45, 11/15/2018

The artist said he fell in love with the singer years ago.

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This week, Valery Meladze and Albina Janabaeva gave their first joint interview. The conversation with the Stellar family was posted on one of the glossy publications. Contrary to Valery and Albina talking to each other, Internet users were disturbed by the interviews. In fact, many still label Meladze as a 39-year-old singer as a "companion of love" and for his young lover to have abandoned his wife with three daughters.

Tired of endless attacks, Albina posted and wrote black and white photos on Instagram's microblog (author spelling and punctuation are provided without change). Ed.): "Strange! Some are resentful of the evil that comes from outside, from others, though he can not remove it, but he does not fight his evil." – Marcus Aurelius. And nothing has changed … Good dreams. "

In a commentary on the publication and Valerie Melassez. "Why are you so concerned about my children? I fell in love with Alvin a few years ago, and I did everything to make her love me.We have been together for over 15 years.I do not take my daughter away, "Albina and I have two sons who are proud of us, we take care of our loved ones who are out of our family, now it's time for everyone to calm down," said an 53-year-old artist.

Valery Meladze asked Alina Dzhanabaeva to mediate and leave their families alone.

Valeria Meladze and Alina Dzhanabaeva tied things up. Albina was a supporting vocalist for popular artists, and soon afterwards romance began between them. In 2004, Janabaeva gave birth to a loving son named Constantine in honor of his brother Valery. Albina never spoke of her relationship with Meladze, nor did she aspire to advertise the existence of other families. By 2014, the artist remained officially a spouse. Irina Melase. However, after the birth of the second child in Albina Luke, The public singer and producer filed for divorce. In the same year, Valery and Albina secretly prepared a small private wedding and signed the registration office.

Irina repeatedly admitted her dissolution to the media. Inga, who married Valery Shotaevich's first wife last year, Sophia And Arina. Earlier Valery Meladze told her daughter and son not to communicate. "In my big regret, my daughter and son are not friends, they hardly see each other. This is for me the main mission of life is to get them to start communicating," the singer admitted to television.

Valeri Melazze and Alvina Dzhanabaeva and her son Constantin

Valery Meladze told how to reconcile with Albina Janabaeva at the end of the fight.

Valery Meladze with Daughter

Exclusive Video Interview "Around the TV" Valery Meladze talked about his children's interests. "I have been lucky with the children, I have the feeling that they are themselves, they know how to act, you need to spend a little bit of them, and by the way, none of my kids are interested in show business. There are a lot of engineers and humanists, and no one is attracted to music, "the artist shared.

Exclusive video interview with Valery Meladze "Around TV"

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Valery Meladze, 53, and Albina Janabaeva, 39, had their first joint interview.

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