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11 reasons to shrink your legs in the evening .. Here's the cure!


Many women experience leg pain, especially at night. 60% of adults experience leg cramps in the evening and are more common after age 50.

Here are the causes of leg cramps and some solutions to eliminate them.

Modern lifestyle

Modern lifestyles need to sit for long periods of time instead of reducing muscle and tendon lengths and causing contractions.

Sleep pattern

Wrong sleep patterns can cause leg cramps, such as sleeping in the abdomen or falling from the bed.

Seasonal change

Seasonal changes affect the muscles. In summer, muscle pain increases and leg cramps are caused by neurological disorders rather than muscular problems. The increase in myalgia in the summer is due to exposure to the sun and increased vitamin D levels, causing the body to quickly recover from the nerves and cause muscle spasms.

Fluid balance

Body fluid balance in the body also affects leg cramps.


Vigorous exercise results in athlete's leg cramps that lead to muscular stress in particular.

deficiency disease

Lack of calcium, magnesium and potassium imbalance leads to muscle spasms.

Stand all day

In the spasms of the legs throughout the day, blood and water tend to accumulate on the floor of the body, leading to contractions of muscles and tendons as well as imbalance of body fluids and contractions.


Some drugs cause leg cramps, such as diuretics and asthma, which can be irritating to neurons and exercise receptors and cause cramps.


Pregnancy is associated with leg cramps and may be due to weight gain and blood circulation problems. Increased pressure on the blood vessels and nerves may cause cramps and convulsions.

Specific health status

Diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, neurological disorders and depression are also associated with leg cramps.


Aging can also affect leg cramps because at 50, the body loses motor nerve cells and causes cramps.

There are several solutions to eliminate leg cramps.

Studies have shown that muscle and tendon-like exercises cause a 59% decrease in the number of people who have spasms of the legs.

A balanced diet containing all vitamins, especially magnesium, that is important to the body should be consumed with soy, nuts, whole grains, supplements and vitamin B.

Oral dryness, headache, dry skin and dark urine do not get enough water during the day.

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