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At the end of the tension … Sudan announced the resumption of the Eritrea border (video)

Sudan and Eritrea have agreed to open up the borders of citizens and promote normal citizen mobility since the closure of Suma President Omar al-Bashir for a year and a half.

Asmara spokesman announced support for Sudan 's military regime.

This came from a joint meeting of President Isaias Afewerki, sometime visiting Asmara, and Abdul Fattah Burhan, the Transitional Military Commission of Sudan.

After the announcement of President Omar al-Bashir, an emergency on the border, the closure of the two countries' borders since January 5, 2018 has caused many citizens suffering.

A Sudanese government official said Abdel-Monem Osman Albayt, secretary general of the African affairs ministry, told the meeting that the testimony provided the enlightenment for the development of the country's situation.

Prime Minister Aleksey emphasized in his view that the Sudanese government's support of the Sudanese government and the refusal of the Sudanese government to refuse to intervene in diplomatic ties, said, "Only the Sudanese people decide their own destiny."

According to a statement released by the Eritrean Ministry of Information, Khartoum and Doha were indicted for secretly financing and financing the Eritrean Islamic opposition in an isolated area in Sudan.

The statement said the Qatar embassy in Khartoum funds the activities of Sudan 's security and intelligence agencies during training and logistics.

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed surprise in the Eritrean statement and rejected Suma's allegation.

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