Wednesday , March 29 2023

Bilic requires an attacker and a playmaker.


«Okaje» (Jeddah)

Croatian coach Slavin Bilic put hands on the team's negotiations, then broke off some of the other teams to sign the winner's window, and then verified the federal negotiations report.

Belroz has decided to include another attacker with Chilean Villanueva and add another playmaker with confidence that his side is aggressively defeated.

In this context, Bilic has stopped the front line support of the negotiations that began with the union management of the Belgian standard De Liege goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, and his assurance that goalkeeper Fawaz Al-Qarni will return from injury and stop negotiations with the Mexican goalkeeper .

Bilic has always urged the administration to negotiate with Croatia's Joey Vida (the 2018 World Cup squad's defender) under the guidance of the European Union's most wanted players during the winter's Mercato.

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