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Certified certificates and labor risk insurance for trainees enrolled in liquidation


Citizen – Riyadh

The Human Resources Development Fund (HDF) has confirmed that the "Tamhir" training program provides certification for trainees after completion of the training program to increase the employment potential of the private sector. .

August 18, 1437 AH August 18, 1828 Through the "Tamir" program aimed at enforcing the royal statute 40262, the "Goal" provides Riyal financial rewards of 3000 times a month to support trainees.

The training period of the Tamhir program is trained in government agencies, international organizations and excellent facilities and takes between three and six months, so you can acquire the expertise and skills necessary to prepare for full-time employment.

The program aims to train college graduates in the UK, and the training center has a commitment to attend throughout the day's training session in accordance with the completion of mandatory e-lectures and the completion of approved training plans and mandatory assessment forms, And training needs must be met in the program plan.

The "Tamhir" program combines the skills needed for the labor market with university performance by providing graduates with the skills and skills necessary for the labor market through hands-on practice, according to their expertise.

In this context, Hadaf explained that government agencies, international organizations, companies and private organizations can participate in the program and provide educational opportunities for Saudi graduates' national leaders through the National Action Portal (Taqat).

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