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Do you suffer from insomnia?


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Are you suffering from insomnia? On Sunday, November 18, 2018, 8 tips are needed to quote the voice of the country and get a quiet sleep.

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According to Mayoclinic's report, some people suffering from insomnia can solve this problem with a few simple tips. This is very useful if they apply it well before the time is right, and most or most tips will help you achieve your goals of comfort and comfort. And without much disturbance as happens to some of them.



The most notable of these tips are:
– Do not turn off the lights and lights and let them sleep with the lights.

Do not eat heavy heavy meals because they cause sleep disturbances.

Be distant and loud and distant and distant.

– Make the room temperature suitable for sleeping and feeling calm.

– Before you go to bed, relax and keep your thoughts mind-deprived and quiet.

– A warm bath is a very appropriate means of reducing the idea of ​​insomnia.

– Be careful not to place bedspreads, kashkirls, bags and other special tools on your bed to help you sleep well for your salary, rest and sleep.

– You can enjoy a quiet sleep by reducing caffeine and stimulant intake throughout the day.

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Source: Voice of the Nation

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