Tuesday , May 30 2023

Large-scale investment to change the brand "Century Express" to commercial


The UAE-based Gulf Pinnacle Logistics has invested heavily in changing the brand name of Century Express with newly acquired express mail.

Shaleesh Dash, chairman of Gulf Pinnacles Logistics, said, "Century Xpress has been completely redesigned, a new logo has been created, a new and more interactive website has been created, the company has been moved to a larger warehouse, By providing a phone application to the company, we will ensure a bright future for our company.

Dash emphasized that strong brand and service initiatives have helped attract new customers and expand their existing customer portfolio. We signed contracts with the largest companies and institutions in the e-commerce sector, resulting in a rapid increase in daily shipments of Century Express. The new slogan of Century Express is "uninterrupted life." He explained that all of this increased the efficiency and service level of the fleet from 75% to 93%.

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