Sunday , November 28 2021

Live broadcast | Watch Egypt-Togo in the 11/17 African National Qualifier today


Arab football fans await a strong match between Egypt and Togo teams at Kigi Stadium on Tuesday evening for Group G fourth round activity in the Nations Cup Africa Nations Qualifier in Cameroon in 2021.

The Kora 365 website provides a live link to live Egypt and Togo matches scheduled to start at 7pm Mecca time today at 6pm Egypt time, along with audio performances by commentator Ahmed Al-Tayeb, BN Sport It will only be broadcast on HD7 channel.

The Egyptian national team won a tough victory in Cairo against their opponent Togo, and scored 5 points in second place in the group stage with a non-response goal.

The pharaoh was injured after missing Arsenal’s Mohamed El-Nani and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah due to coronavirus infection, Mohamed Hani from infection and Amr Al-Soleya from suspension.

It doesn’t take into account the blows received by coach Hossam Albadry, but has a solution to provide an intense match worthy of the team, compensate to some extent for the absence of the injured, and forget the unsatisfactory performance in the final round.

Al-Badri Brigade stepped into the African Nations Cup in Cameroon and entered the conference while hoping to leave and return home with three points to provide a powerful and unique performance that satisfies the aspirations of fans. You will know.

On the other hand, Togo won 4th and bottom with 1 point, but has not lost hope, so they will fight hard in today’s match to win on the ground. One of my cards is eligible.

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