Wednesday , April 14 2021

Male students increase the risk of postpartum depression.

A recent UK study of the causes of post-natal depression showed that 10-15% of women suffering from postpartum depression are more likely to have more women because they do not seek help.

The study suggests that waiting for a child born to a man will increase the risk of postpartum depression in pregnant women.

The University of Kent in the UK studied 296 women's scientific experiences, and according to follow-up during pregnancy and after pregnancy, the study found that 71-79% of women with a 71-79% risk of developing depression and postpartum depression And compared.

The researchers found that women who had complications during childbirth were 74 percent more likely to have a depression than women who did not have complications during childbirth.

However, women with mental health problems, anxiety, depression, or stress symptoms showed a reduced risk of postpartum depression, suggesting that psychological support from the people around them is helpful.

Dr Sarah Jones, co-author of the study, said postpartum depression is a preventable disease and that additional support and support for women at risk have reduced the risk of becoming victims.

"There are two ways to identify the symptoms and causes of postpartum depression and to identify women who need additional support over weeks and months, and the risk of postpartum depression increases when a baby is male or when complications and complications occur during childbirth. The first after birth.

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