Tuesday , May 30 2023

Marilyn Monroe prize money of $ 250,000


The Golden Globe award, awarded by Marilyn Monroe, was sold for $ 250,000 at the California Beverly Hills auction house, an auction company official said.

In 1961, the Hollywood International Press awarded the world star awards for this actress, named Monroe again on the page of history since winning the Golden Globes in the auction.

The "Acons and Idols: Hollywood" auction, held on Friday and Saturday by Julians House, saw the sale of a two-seater black convertible owned by Ford Thunderbird dating back to 1956. It was the first car to receive $ 490,000. At the auction.

The picture of Monroe who drove the car with her husband playwright Arthur Miller was taken right after the wedding in June 1956.

The car remained a property of Monroe for six years until his death in 1962.

"It's not part of the car's history, but it's surrounded by the tragedy of charm, romance and Hollywood legends," said Julian auctioneer Darren Julian.

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In 1962, Monroe offered tea to Eistrasberg 's son.

The current owner, who requested anonymity, tracked the vehicle's records through registration documents and other documents. The car had been repaired and repaired and retained much of its originality.

Of the more than 12 items owned by Monroe, she was on the cover and made a first copy of the Playboy magazine, signed by the publisher Hugh Hafner for $ 32,000.

The auction also includes items for other celebrities such as Tina Turner and Cher.

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