Monday , December 6 2021

Prince Faisal bin Mishal visits Kasim as a caretaker of two sacred mosques.


Qassim regional governor Faisal bin Meshaal, governor of Qaisim Region, bin Saudis, highly values ​​the preparation and preparation of visits and receptions for the two sacred mosques Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz. did. Prime Minister and Defense Minister emphasized that God can be preserved for the Kassim region. He emphasized that the government, security agencies, and commissions in the Emirates of this region received from the committee, which united and supported the leadership of this blessed nation supported by God, reflect the great and honorable image of his son and daughter. We stand in line to achieve success with high spirit and all loyalty and affiliation and to support the services of religion, property and homeland.

Prime Minister Koizumi said, "I praise God Almighty with the highest priority, Lord Almighty, deliver this unprecedented blessed effort and accomplish this through the visit of two sacred temples and his beloved prince. Pointing out that this blessed effort did not face the challenges faced by Padula, His Majesty, and all of us, we thank the government, security agencies and committees and asked God to preserve our leadership and our dear home The government and private sector of the Qassim region requires the Almighty to continue national security, safety, security, stability and sustainable development forever.

This means that Emirates and the residents of Kassim will meet government officials, supporters, working committees and partners to present Abyssur Al Sud and Prince Cadodian of Buhidah at the Unification Palace in Varaida. We came from an event that encouraged the success of Abdulrahman Al-Daoud, Abdulrahman Al-Wazzan, Ibrahim Al-Hathli, Deputy Minister of Security, Bader Al-Talib, Director of Government and Security Institutions.

This ceremony began with the Holy Quran, and the directors and committee chairmen of the government and security agencies talked about the efforts, challenges and challenges facing the various working groups, and participated and intervened to achieve success during the visit of two sacred temples and princes. The work that brought the success of God to that area.

At the end of the ceremony, Amir HH respected businessmen, participating governments and security agencies and working committees.

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