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Saad Al-Saghir: Walid Suleiman Al-Jadna and Manhood


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Saad al-Saghir: Thursday, November 15, 2018, Walid Suleiman al-Jadna and a male clergyman quoted the delegation's website.

Saad Al - Saghir: Walid Suleiman Al - Jadna and MasculinitySad Al-Sagir and Walid Sulayman

Author: Mai Sadiq:

Popular singer Saad Al-Saghir has announced that Al-Ahli club Walid Suleiman, who announced his retirement from international football, and official website of photo and video site


Saad likened "good heart and boy's tenacity" to painting.

Walid Suleiman, announced his retirement from international football.

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Mexico's Agiri takes charge of Mexico's technical responsibilities and says on the official page of the social networking site that "I declare retirement to play internationally and to always end the controversy and encourage everyone to be lucky for my country .

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