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Saudi Arabia – Wednesday weather forecast


Year / Weather Forecast Wednesday

November 7, 2018 Riyadh 29 Safar 1440 H SPA
The General Authority for the Protection of the Meteorological and Environmental Preservation, in a report on today's weather forecasts – God wills – winds with thunder and lightning, east wind, wind, storm, storm,, Al-Baha, Mecca, And is formed at night and dawn time in the south and west, and in the north and north and in the heart of the kingdom.
In this report, the surface wind movement in the Red Sea is 20-40 km / h from the north and the middle to the southeast, 20-40 km / h from the south to the east, 2 m from the waves 1 m, average sea level, 18-38 km / Meter's wave height, average sea condition.
06: 29T

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