Sunday , April 18 2021

Saudi Arabia,

Spa – Harmony:

The Saudi stocks gained 2.29 points to close at 7662.17, closing at Rs 2.9 billion.
More than 120 million shares were traded, more than 113,000 shares were traded, 89 of which were profitable, while 84 were lower.
The shares of Jaco, Al Jawf, Tabuk Agricultural, Al-Soraiy Group and Metlive AAG Arabia have the highest share, followed by exports, SAFCO, Suicorp, Apple Rit, Fish and Baha and 9.95%.
Al-Enyama, Al-Sirai, Dar Al Arkan, Saudi Kayan and Zain KSA were the most active, and SABIC, Al-Rajhi, Al-Raihi and Al-Sirai were the most active.
Saudi Arabia's benchmark index was trading at 2431.37 points, down 1.43 points, trading over 200,000 Riyals, and the number of shares traded exceeded 9,000 shares, resulting in 68 deals.

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