Thursday , February 2 2023

Scientists arrive at the artificial intelligence system to get Alzheimer's disease 100%


A group of American scientists reached an artificial intelligence system that predicted the development of Alzheimer's disease six years before symptoms began.

The Daily Mail announced that the AI ​​system will diagnose the disease with 100% accuracy. Scientists have trained robots to detect subtle brain changes that are hard to find by conventional methods.

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Early detection is the only hope for the future of 44 million Alzheimer's patients worldwide, and so far there is no cure.

Scientists know symptoms and causes, but they can not fully diagnose and understand the disease. In many cases, they rely on diagnoses to exclude as much as possible the cause of memory loss, including memory assessment and all possible behavioral changes, brain neuropathy.

Although most people live only four to eight years since being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, new research shows that AI monitoring of Alzheimer's disease can help maintain some memory function in the early six years.

"This new artificial intelligence system is helping millions of patients around the world give hope, find better ways to slow down Alzheimer's disease or stop development," said Jay Hosson, research director. .

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