Tuesday , May 30 2023

Signed contract for the establishment of the air communications agency near "Bahrain Airport"


Mubasher: The Ministry of Communication and Communications of the Kingdom of Bahrain agreed to manufacture, supply, install and operate equipment for a new air terminal with a value of BD 891 thousand at a new station near the Bahrain International Airport runway on Sunday morning .

According to the Bahrain News Agency (BNA), the agreement was signed by Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, Minister of Communications, Bassim bin Yaqoub al-Hamr (minister of Bahrain side housing) and Mohammed Abdul-Mohsen Al-Kharafi and Sons of Osem al- Signed by Faramawi.

The ministry confirmed that the plant establishment and operation process would take just nine months from the contract date.

However, contractors contracted by this contract will supply the latest communications equipment for plant construction and construction from British Air Park System, the leading air transportation carrier.

The Department of Housing says that the current Bureau of Communications, located on Dry Dock Road, was established in the late seventies of the last century and is currently interfering with residential restrictions on eastern cities.

The escalation process is also part of the Regulation on the Establishment, Development and Maintenance of Communications Bureaus to Restrict the Status of Communications Towers in the Kingdom of Bahrain,

In accordance with Decree 48 (Telecommunications Act) of 2002 and Prime Ministerial Decision 45 ("Resolution 45") of 2015, as well as laws, regulations and technical policies relating to health, safety and design issued by the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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