Sunday , January 29 2023

The Al Riyadh Newspaper Education Minister will organize the first session of the Teachers' Council for all members.


The Education Secretary will organize the first session of the Teachers' Council for all members.

Your Excellency's Minister of Education Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Issa, the Minister of Education, today approved the committee on the first session of the Advisory Board Meeting in accordance with the authorization of the Advisory Board of the Advisory Board of the Advisory Board of the Advisory Board did.

Each of these meetings will be the first of the Board's initiatives and one of the achievements points out that there will be many discussions and proposals related to the curriculum and that the board members will evolve according to the data reported and proposed by the board members.

"The council wants to be a constructive and constructive building for education and to improve the functioning of the jobs and functions of the education sector," he said. "Council members are one of the important channels for communicating with this sector, "He said.

The Advisory Council for Teachers began this morning with the first session of the Board of Directors meeting in the presence of all members of the Board of Directors, in addition to the Riyadh Ministry of Education (Director of Education for Boys and Girls' Eid Al-Hessouni, Vice-Minister for Educational Achievement of Council Members and Dr Nami Al-Jahni, Vice Minister of Education, briefed members on the most important aspects of the Ministry and answered the most important questions.

In the same vein, Mohammed bin Saad Al-Dakhini, the secretary-general of the Council, will study the subject within its authority and examine the rights and obligations of teachers, the problems and challenges facing the educational profession, Follow three committees.

In addition to the Minister of Education, the board should include 28 members, meet once each semester, approve recommendations, and propose and adopt emerging topics.

The Minister of Education, on the other hand, is Professor Zawaihr Al-Mughamsi, Professor Sultan bin Sulaiman Al-Anzi, Professor Ahmed bin Hussein al-Malki, and teacher Noura Bint Saleh, Sheikh Mohammed Al Otaibi and teacher Lulwa Bint Ali Al-Dheim, who were awarded to the best Gulf teacher by the teacher, praised his Excellency and excellence and won the Saudi Teachers and Teachers and Council Advisory Winners' I have confirmed the prestigious status of. Re for teachers.

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