Monday , February 6 2023

Amazon now sells prescription drugs in the US


You can also choose a payment option here. Prime subscribers get discounts of up to 80% on generic drugs and 40% on brand name drugs if they don’t have health insurance. Amazon also provides a comparison feature that shows whether customers are cheaper to pay through insurance or rely on a company’s discount. Patients can ask their doctors to send prescriptions directly to Amazon, the company said.

This launch came after Amazon bought PillPack, a small drug delivery startup in 2018, which is part of a larger trend for companies to move to health products. In June 2019, Amazon launched its own over-the-counter drug brand, and in August 2020, it launched a health tracking link bracelet called Halo.

Doug Herrington, Vice President of Consumer Affairs, North America, said, “As more and more people try to grocery shopping every day from home, pharmacies are an important and essential addition to Amazon’s online store. ‘Amazon, statement.

“PillPack has been providing excellent pharmaceutical services to people with chronic conditions for over 6 years. Now we are expanding our pharmacy services to to help more customers save time and money, simplify their lives and feel healthy,” he said. -He adds.

Jamil Ghani, Vice President of Amazon Prime, said: “Our goal is to make Prime easier and more convenient for our members’ daily lives. We are excited to bring amazing savings to Amazon Pharmacy. A seamless shopping experience and fast free delivery that members know and love on Prime”.

Original version: Isobel Asher Hamilton / Business Insider US

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