Saturday , June 3 2023

Atépa describes Ter as "scandalous" and adds important details.


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In an interview with the WalfQuotidien newspaper, presidential candidate Pierre Goudiaby Atepa was very enthusiastic about Macky Sall and described his Ter project as a scandal.

Do you know that Ter does not arrive at the airport? Do you know that the 30km Ter costs about 1 billion euros and the Moroccan Tgv, launched on Thursday, costs 300 million euros for 2 billion euros? When we face it, we do not think we can manage the country like this. " Pierre Atepa Goudiaby said.



The architect continued to ask Abdoulaye Wade at the time of the feasibility study of the Dakar-Tambacounda-Kolda railway to the Indians.Gigan Show.

"When I see that, I think of all the young children in Senegal as their own, and they are patriots who want a better future without shining words." I know it's possible, He said.


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