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Bus liberalization kick-off in Ile de France

Paris, April 17 (Reuters) The Ile-de-France region has begun to liberalize one of Europe's major public transport systems and is the 6th network crown.

The Board of Directors of ILE-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) voted to use the public service delegation for the first 6 lots of a series of bids with a total value of 12 or more.

The region, which accounts for about 30% of GDP, is expected to open all bus lines of the crown by 2021 and open in Paris in 2025 and then in 2025.

Val d & # 39; The first six lines of Oise, Seine-et-Marne and Yvelines will be the official currency targets for bidding in July. Six lots in their 40s will be in the second half and 2020 for the next spring and 2021 commissioning.

The combined turnover of this line represents approximately € 900 million.

IDFM general manager Laurent Probst said in an interview with Reuters that the bus operator in Paris has a turnover of about € 2.5 billion. The proposed contract period is five to seven years and the bid amount can be at least € 12.5 billion.

Currently, most of the days-France buses are operated by public or semi-public operators and contracts have been negotiated by mutual agreement so far. Transdev, a majority owned by Caesse des Dépôts, owns 20% of SNCF, 50% of Keolis, which owns 10% of RATP, and SNCF holds a majority share of the market.

Do not use foreign operators.

The rest of the market (20%) is in the hands of private operators like Lacroix, STIVO, TICE, Albatrans, Savac and Procars. While none of them are foreigners, some individual entrepreneurs, like Transdev, have foreign shareholders, Rethmann is 34% German and Keolis owns 30% of the Canadian CDPQ pension fund.

Laurent Probst adds, "We have a seat for new players and we hope that foreign players will be able to bid."

Currently, FirstGroup and Abellio in Germany, Arriva in Deutsche Bahn, Vectalia and Moventia in Spain, and Swiss PostBus are approaching regularly.

Transdev, Keolis and RATP are major transit providers outside the French border.

In the case of Laurent Probst, the introduction of competition is not a goal, but a way to improve service and reduce costs.

Ile-de-France Mobilités on Wednesday approved a bid for 600 new "clean" buses, not new operators. As for the current vehicle of these operators, they will be bought by IDFM at the end of the contract. (Edited by Gilles Guillaume, Service France, Benoît Van Overstraeten)

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