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Cement Fee: Main Block Hike Cement

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, the consumer sector, the informal sector and the Small and Medium Business Administration announced a new order to fix cement prices at the previous level yesterday, through a domestic trading officer.

The authorities still blocked cement prices. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the Unofficial Sector, and the Small and Medium Business Administration adopted a new statute yesterday to fix cement prices at previous levels through the DIC board of directors. "If the provisions of Article 43 of Law No. 94-63 of 22 August 1994 were applied to prices, competition and economic litigation, the ceiling of factory cement was set at a price applied prior to January 1, 2018" He says.
Alioune Sarr's work "is considered to be an illegal price at prices exceeding the price limits set forth in Article 1, pursuant to Article 45, paragraph 2 of the said Act." They therefore concluded that " It can be punished by prices 94-63 for price, competition and economic litigation. "
Yesterday, the price of cement rose 3500 francs per ton the day before yesterday. This was decided by the cement industry. The price per ton of this construction product has risen from 58,000 to 61,500 CFA francs. They have caused huge deficits by imposing a 3% tax on cement built by the state over two years. A tax that must be taxed but the government postponed each time to support the consumer. Authorities should begin negotiations with three cement companies to find a definitive solution to this problem, where the rising cost of cement in Senegal is repeated.

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