Saturday , July 20 2019
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"Che" in Fast Track mode: 45 million (photos) on V8 •

FCFA $ 45 million is announced by Coordinators Macky2012 and Pca SnHlm when they purchase the new V8.

As a result, the staff at Sn Hlm changed their expenses this morning to the premise of the company.

This behavior is step-by-step different from Sall's chairman to reduce the rate of car ownership, which amounts to 1,000 units of 25 million people every 12 months over the last 20 years.

While cutting costs, the head of state insisted that about 300 billion FCfa were bought to buy cars when the state blew white to maintain the prices of petroleum products and oil under his magistrate. Electricity.

Macky Sall refused to file a complaint on May 1 for his payroll raise.

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