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Deadpool 3: Can Thanos and Cable’s connection explain Wade Wilson’s MCU arrival?


Can Josh Brolin’s casting with Thanos and Cable be used for Deadpool’s arrival on the MCU?

Disney and Marvel Studios are currently considering writing Deadpool’s character to orchestrate his arrival on the MCU, but several people quickly expressed it, starting with superhero Rob Liefeld. Their skepticism. However, since Kevin Feige announced it at the San Diego Comic Con in 2019, there have been many options for getting Wade Wilson into the MCU. Whether through the Multiverse introduced in Doctor Strange 2Whether the superhero belongs to another Earth, or even the creation of a dark, alternative universe for Deadpool, Blade and X-Men, fans don’t seem to lack imagination. The connection between Thanos and Cable allows us to introduce the character played by Ryan Reynolds on the MCU.

Josh Brolin at the cable station.
Josh Brolin at the cable station. -Credits: Deadpool 2

In other words, two adversaries Avengers: Endgame and Deadpool 2 Josh Brolin performed. So, given the meta aspect that has been attributed to the Deadpool since the first episode was released, it’s not surprising that the character will use this connection to enter the Marvel universe. Wade Wilson, who often broke the fourth wall to deal with the audience, can explain, for example, that Cable, for example, is actually an alternative version of Thanos and each has some similarities. Representing the main enemy, they were also driven by deep and personal motives. If one person tried to find his murdered wife and daughter, the other wanted, above all, to fulfill his grandiose delusional fate. Using artifacts and other devices to control the weather, Thanos and Cable can actually be connected.

Avengers: Thanos in Endgame.
Avengers: Thanos in Endgame. -Credits: Disney, Marvel Studios

Another possibility is that the cable is a descendant of Thanos. The first two parts Deadpool Could happen after Avengers: EndgameThus, it is not impossible for Thanos’ Deviant origin to favor the Cable’s mutation afterwards, the latter being cybernetic mutations. The connection between these two characters can be established thanks to the superhero played by Ryan Reynolds. The latter can be tried at the end. Deadpool 2 To find the cable, he led the footsteps of Thanos and MCU.

Thanos and cables.
Thanos and cables. -Credit: Marvel Studios / Fox

However, whether the link between these two figures traverses several different dimensions or through heredity, the meta-identity of adaptation remains the same. Deadpool, May help initiate the latter’s arrival on the MCU, and the balanced punch line on the cable recognized him as Thanos, proving once again that Wade Wilson is in an unprecedented position with respect to the Marvel universe. Also, if the connection between Thanos and the cable could be introduced early in the 3rd episode, the latter plot could also be based on the entry of the deadpool to the MCU and the issues posed by it. Inspiring surprise, this spring of scriptwriting allows us to take the opposite view of the current controversy surrounding the film and the launch difficulties of Marvel and Disney studios. While preserving the character’s humor and identity, this theory will swear by Maison des Idées’ originality. Traits that can amaze fans of the Marvel universe and embody uniqueness within the cinematic action landscape.

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