Saturday , December 5 2020

Domenech: "I imagined Nasri superior to others."

It is always better to have the front of the media than the leading edge of the field.

for teamFormer French coach Raymond Domenech has led the Nasri case. And Lyonnais does not show the softness of his previous hope of reviving today in terms of West Ham in 31st. But on March 15, 2007, when Domenech summoned Nasri for his first national choice, it all started well. Selected pieces: « At the first rally, it was very cold because he was with a friend. It was not bad and he was especially good at it. The mistake is probably to call them simultaneously. (Especially with Benzema).They slowly grow up slowly because they will need to bring them up little by little, individually, and meet old things. "

And raised: "Zidane was a team-enhancing character. When he got angry, it was about what happened in the game. It was collective. Other(Nasu), no. It needed to turn around. (…) Then, forever, one can not become a leader when it stimulates another. The leader is backing away. Someone is not always in the room. He is not a leader. He is an entertainer.Still? "He thought that he was more intelligent, technologically, and tactically a little pride that made him think he was superior to others, he knew more and the other was a toy."

The reaction of Nasri's companion.

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