Thursday , November 26 2020

Emiliano Sala's search has resumed!

Emiliano Sala, who moved from FC Nantes to Cardiff City, celebrated his former colleague, Nantes, and joined the new team on Monday. But his plane disappeared from the radar on Monday night. Without news of the Argentinean player and his pilot David Ibbotson, the research has been propagated for several days. But after a few hours of research, the police decided to cut them off Thursday afternoon.

Since then, amazing mobilization has been made to demand resumption of research. Several football players, such as Lionel Messi, have written messages to social networks to support the missing people's family and to resume research. And on Friday night, the pot was released to help the family during this process. In just a few hours, the Sport Cover has a prize pool of over € 100,000. Research has officially resumed since the 150,000-euro set has been exceeded.

"On Friday afternoon, a request for funding allowed relatives of Emiliano Sala to resume research on the English channel this Saturday through a special organization.Can we read the last available press release? However, details have not been presented team The two families will work with research mission expert David Mearns. Those who have been mobilized for a short period of time will have to deal with surface surveys before moving on to the second job and certainly have to investigate further.

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