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Ivory Coast: organic carbon produced from cocoa shells


This technique of biomass production is particularly beneficial in the protection of the environment and in the fight against respiratory diseases, an APA announcement has been issued by the International Mechanism "Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation" (REDD +), a project to combat deforestation in the country.

"According to Gaoussou Koné, the Association of Natural Forests and Plantation Owners (APFNP) has received 5 million FCFAs for the renovation operation on a surface of 15 hectares in the framework of the implementation of the REDD + project in Mé (Adzopé, Abidjan, 105 km north).

The APFNP also received 9 million FCFA support for the production of a production unit for the production of cocoa shells, "says REDD +.

This technique of coal production is explained by the explanation of "reducing pressure on forests, protecting the environment and reducing respiratory tract diseases".

In addition to this advantage, the production of 1 kg of cocoa powder charcoal from 150 FCFA versus 300 FCFA for wood charcoal.

Climate change in the México region and the sensitizing meeting of the REDD + mechanism were closed last Friday at Yakassé Attobrou (South East Ivory Coast) after several cities visited.

This time the prefectural authorities of the municipality promised to restore the Côte d'Ivoire cover. "If we are not cautious, the future of our children and grandchildren can be an illusion that Yakassé Attobrou's people do not say and mobilize to make the REDD + mechanism a means of combating climate change promised by Kassoum Coulibaly, head of department.

The REDD + delegates visited several other settlements in this area to help restore the Côte d'Ivoire coverage.

In 50 years, Ivory Coast lost 75% of its forests, from 16 million hectares in 1960 to 3.4 hectares in 2015. The International REDD + Mechanism, born in 2005, is an approach to mitigating climate change.

Côte d'Ivoire has joined this international mechanism since June 2011 to contribute to international efforts to combat climate change and forest conservation.

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