Thursday , March 30 2023

Keblack enters "Voyou" mode in the new music video.


Keblack's big hit "Bazardée" is hard to forget, but it's still running its second album "Appartement 105" all summer. His song was "heard completely". And this hit and the 26 year old singer who had gone through "We were laughing", "Liar", "Sala Malek" and "Getting to Health" were a little more urban and less romantic than before "Voyou".

Keblack plays a sick person in a new music video.

Other styles found several times in "Apartment 105": In an interview with, Keblack chose "I left my comfort zone. There are rap, variety, dance hall, Africa and everything. I tried to go to various horizons."

The sound "Voyou" tells the story of the dealers,The geek fell in love with.":"I did not pay tess / customer, I had to find a little d / bar, some of the buttocks, without stress / weekend crazy and Mercedes, class S / and I walked to tess without stress / Should find."And his real name, Cédric Matéta Nkomi, on a hip-hop occasion. A small clip, Keblack balances his flow with Naza, who collaborated with Naza at night." ", Exhibited at a very good company ?

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