Thursday , February 2 2023

Kolda: despite declining Covid-19 cases, doctors demand vigilance


Kolda, Nov 17 (APS)-Dr. Yaya Baldé, Chief Medical Officer of the Kolda region, has asked various actors involved in the fight against Covid-19 to continue raising awareness of this epidemic. Senegal, despite declining number of cases”.

We invite media players to continue to raise awareness of the disease. It is true that we are seeing a downward trend in the case of pollution, but it is also time to double the vigilance as in certain countries in Europe we are aware of a resurgence of cases. (…)”, he recommended.

There are many immigrants in the Calda area that often re-enter, he recalled during a disinformation and fact-check training workshop for reporters and radio presenters at the opening ceremony on Monday. Communities in the Sédhiou and Kolda regions as part of the fight against Covid-19. Therefore, he demanded patience in the fight against Covid-19.

With 216 pollution and eight deaths counted since the epidemic began, the area no longer has active cases of coronavirus, he said.

As the population declines in respect of respect for barrier measures, Dr. Yaya Baldé has taken the opportunity to invite all actors to a widespread mobilization of the disease and maintain surveillance, especially at the community and border levels.

“The main goal of this project is to strengthen citizens’ resilience in the face of misinformation related to COVID 19 through community media, limiting the spread of disease and the resurgence of cases of contamination. ” explained Codou Loum, president of the women’s network of community radio stations.

She encourages the media to professionally and effectively share important information and uncover misinformation about COVID-9.

Scheduled over three days, the meeting is supported by UNESCO and the European Union in partnership with the International Women’s Network (RIF), Senegal’s Community Radio Union (URAC), and the first independent organization, Africa Check. Of fact-checking in Africa.

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