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Loire White Wine to Conquer the American Market

Val de Loire wine, an outsider of Burgundy and Burgundy wines, is pouring into the alley for export in the United States, where sales have doubled, especially the world's largest wine consumption market.

"Bordeaux was well known, and Burgundy remained uncovered by Loire, and in New York there is a real stage where you can find things you can not find because you have a + liquor store + a restaurant. ", Bernard Jacob, General Manager of Orchidées Maisons de vins, a cooperative giant Terrena branch specializing in the development and trade of Rouire wines.

According to InterLoire's professional organization, over the past decade, the US market has doubled its exports to 42,000 to 86,000 hectoliters (11.4 million bottles last year). And its value has tripled in 2018 to € 67 million.

This breakthrough technology accounts for one quarter of the total production, but it shows the dynamics of the wine sector, which is the best wine in Nantes at the Nantes Valley Wine Competition.

At the other end of the chain, consumers like white loire wines: Sancerre is at the forefront of wine based on the symbolic grapes of Sauvignon or Chenin, the loire valley, not to mention the Muscadet. "Aroma Please, balance between ingredients and acidity, these are not too heavy digest wine" Bernard Jacob says he focuses on new consumer trends outside special events.

Large exports are regarded as true outlets by the Louvre growers. Like all French wine producers, we pay attention to booming consumer spending and the decline of the internal market. World leader.

"We sell the landscape"

In the face of this observation, "Cow watching the train"You have to. "Give yourself a means to move." Fred Niger, a wine-maker in Landreau (Loire-Atlantique), where 80% of internationally produced wines are exported abroad, says he can get seats in the United States despite competition and regulation from around the world. Leading North America

Most wine growers or traders access national importers, enter their references in the catalog, and then provide them to the distributors on a weekly basis. "I chose another option: I work directly with the distributor on a weekly basis and it takes more time, but I am not a number on the portfolio"Mr. Niger is away from a 23-hectare farm and is living in a year and a month.

California, Texas, Chicago, and New York are among the recurring destinations aimed at enduring and decent quality restaurants, fine dining and fine wine shops. "I did not sell keels when I went 1, 2 or 3. Ten years later I made several palettes: you have to go into the market, and then you have to move it""He said.

However, in order to claim to exist in the country of Uncle Sam, investments must be made in the long run, and must-see trade shows, tastings and other promotional activities.

From the viewpoint of Bernard Jacob, the group, where the United States is the first market place in the world, "There is still room for maneuvering" US consumer "I want to find something else". In this sense, "The French naming system is really interesting because we sell stories, landscapes and cultures without selling a lot of things," he said..

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