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Mercato | Mercato – Juventus: Cristiano Ronaldo's powerful transfer news!

Foot – Mercato – Juventus

Posted by B.C. at 1:00 AM on February 6, 2019.

On his 34th birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo sent a strong message to Juventus supporters pleased to arrive in Italy.

This is a special day. Cristian Ronaldo. This Tuesday, February 5 Ballon d '# 39; Or celebrated his 34th birthday and this is his first time to blow his candles in Italy. 2018 actually looks. CR7 Leave the place reality MadridAfter nine years of his arrival, Juventus. In Serie A, Portugal stayed in the league with 19 matches and nine assists. In the message of the media JuventusCristiano Ronaldo had the opportunity to review a big decision last summer.

"I am really happy here"

" I am very happy to celebrate my birthday here, it is nice to be in Italy. Stay here especially at training camps. I want to thank the fans for their messages and affection. Thank you. Be faithful Cristian Ronaldo. It is a great experience and I am pleased to be in Serie A. Especially, Juventus and Turin are very beautiful and quiet cities. I am happy with my family, and so are my children. So I am really glad here. "He added. Corriere dello Sport.

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