Thursday , March 30 2023

Mo Jazz Festival: Jazz in every state until November 10th


The Mo jazz festival has started. Many artists will perform at the Zephyr stage from November 7th to 10th. International artists as well as local organizations.

First edition

Mo Jazz Festival There were two notables in the first opening performance: Senegal guitarist Hervé Samb, In addition to revelation in the middle years, drummer martiniquais Jean-Claude Mondredon.


Elegance and skill. Jean-Claude Montredon. He surpassed himself on the stage of Zephyr. It was also an opportunity to present a new album, 30 years after Guyana's first visit.

"Pleasure … I am very happy to be here, Martinique Diamond Rock and Billie Holiday,

Senegal Jazz

He may not have experience. Jean-Claude Mondredon But he is equally talented. Erbe SAMB With his guitar, he turns into master from all continents. He won the musical influence he extracted from the soil in Senegal.

"Basically I want to go back to my roots. The idea was to make jazz in Senegal"

Mo jazz continues at the Zephyr stage until November 10th.

Mo Jazz Festival 1

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