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Pain or glory? Almodovar is a Palme d ' Or try again.

It is the sixth time in the competition, but Palme d ' If Or has not won: Pedro Almodovar tests his luck with pain and glory through Antonio's portrayal of a crisis filmmaker. Banderas. The filmmaker, a gorgeous icon of Spanish filmmaking for more than 30 years, met Julieta, a painful mother's portrait before working for the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. .

This faithful festival has a long history with Croisette since its first appearance in 1983 and the first anthology with Tout sur ma mre in 1999. The filmmaker has won four awards, including 2006 Volver, 2009 Broken Embraces, 2011 La Piel que habito and Julieta. Winning twice, he won the Tout sur maère award and the script cost and group performance of Volver actress, and won the trophy at the Cannes Film Festival. It was more expensive for 13 years.

Is a new choice for pain and glory correct? "We can survive without the Golden Palm," said Interod Interviewer Aldodovar, who was invited to Cannes last night to receive an invitation. The 21st film, in any case, received a very positive publicity and criticism in his country. This animated film, the eighth collaboration of Pedro Almodovar and Antonio Banderas, (Salvador Mallo), a successful filmmaker who has been struggling to survive in a difficult period of successful life and can not continue his film because of the stagnation and various physical sufferings, I will look at it, thanks to the reunion.

In this role, Banderas, who is in the mind of Almodovar, wears thick hair and clothes in this intimate film with bold colors, but at the same time avoids imitating him and plays doubles filmmakers. The director admits emotionally naked in this work, and he happens in his apartment where furniture and painting are his works. But point out that Almodovar is not an autobiography of some of his fictions, especially the elements of his childhood, or the drugs found in his doubles. cocaine.

The Spanish director enjoys filming the children's hero's mother, Penelope Cruz. Pedro Almodovar, the great discoverer of the actresses, also briefly shows on screen the Spanish singer Rosalia who blames him.

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