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Revelation, How DGSE Access Senegal Security Service Data Since 15 Years

Macky Sall and Emmanuel Macron

© – Saturday, January 26, 2019 – At the end of the vice-president of Italian Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, who accuses Africa of poverty France Search France We are facing new scandals. This time, Paris was charged with spying on Senegal.

This is just a bankruptcy and there is a risk of cooling down the Paris-Dakar axis. In fact, "The DGSE Search DGSE Delivered Computer search computer The Truth in Senegal, "said Web site, DGSE Search DGSE ) To access the security service data. Search in Senegal Senegal For 15 years.

On January 25th, this specialized site gave extensive research into espionage technology. And the revelation made in the margin of this investigation is cold behind the back.

According to the paper, when the United States, China, Russia and Germany are engaged in illegal copying of this type, other countries are also interested in the supply chain. Quot; France Search France It is a good student, "the newspaper said.

Quot; DGSE Search DGSE It has been successful since 2002. Computer search computer Senegal's security service. "The newspaper indicated that it would have been able to access all the data passed through the device since 2004."

a few days ago, DGSE Search DGSE Le Monde has published information from Intelligence Online, a special letter that criticized possible computer vulnerabilities in multi-player video games for Forteite, PUBG, World of the World, Has begun resuming. World of Warcraft League of Legends Search Legendary League Or Counter Strike.

While, Search in Senegal Senegal The case, just released, is not yet known. Does Dakar have the courage to upset Paris in connection with this election? The next day we will build it.

In other words, the Board of External Security, commonly known by its initials DGSE Search DGSE , A foreign intelligence agency. France Search France External documentation and counter intelligence services have been continuing since 1982.

Sidy Dimim Ndao, Dakar

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