Wednesday , February 8 2023

Ryanair hires six employees to spend the night at the airport.


Your photo has been posted on Twitter. – Twitter / @ Jimbaba

Ryanair fired six Portuguese crewmembers based in Portugal. They accused him of posting a "false photo" while criticizing his working conditions.

"Six crew members in Porto were dismissed on Monday (November 5) for serious flight," Malaga Crew Hall "(southern Spain) said in the statement" bottom ".

Ryanair said his reputation has been undermined by the controversial photographs that have been in conflict with employees in different countries for months.

"An expression of the right to anger"

On October 14, 20 people in Portugal were forced to spend the night at Malaga airport as air traffic was blocked by the storm. In the crew room at Ryanair, there were a few chairs according to the union at first, usually in a VIP room for the customer. The staff then places them on the ground for photos. Posted on Twitter and claimed to be "sleeping on the floor of the crew room," and challenged management.

"Unfortunately, every hotel is full of Malaga," said Peter Bellew. "The storm caused tremendous damage in Portugal, and the crew then moved [de la salle d’équipage] In the VIP room ".

"We all have huge housing offerings both in Malaga (…) and in Costa del Sol, particularly in the off-peak season, in a statement received on Wednesday by AFP in October, against the Spanish union Sticpla. Luciana Passo, president of SNPVAC, said this controversial photo is "an expression of anger" above all.

"There were 24 crew members in the room with 8 chairs, some of them decided to put anger on the floor because the other chairs were occupied, and one of the crew decided to post the picture on the social network And they are eventually fired! She said, according to the Portuguese agency Lusa.

The dismissal was overflowed on Wednesday with AFP Ernesto Iglesias, Spanish trade union USO. "We accused you of striking exactly. [européenne chez Ryanair en septembre] The crew was not to rest. "

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