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Serie A – AC Milan: Alexander Patu's return? Player responded


After two logical red cards, he was reduced to nine before the half time, and Nime was logically broken in the second half of the game against Nice (0-1). Aiglons ranks 3rd in L1 and ranks sixth.


Nice did not demand so much. The OGCN was the third in the league to win 1-0 at Saturday's Nime (0-1) as the L1 recovered completely. Crocos thus paid for two logical red cards flapping in the first period and dragged through the second act like a bullet. But they were active (0-4), stimulating an attack on Dijon last weekend. Umut Bozok scored the penalty in the first half of the first half. But the top scorers of L2 defeated Walter Benitez and that game forced Nimes to advance to nine for 45 minutes. Both faults caused by two stupid gestures of Faitout Maouassa and Loïc Landre have both returned to the locker room early on.

Aiglons did not aggressively threaten during the first period, attackers were not encouraged, Gard did not feel pressure to defense, and candid opportunity. However, they were satisfied to finish the game in the game time and defend against advantage more than anything else. With this little calculation, they could have been scared to the end and could have been punished late in the game by the heroic Nimes from Paul Bernardoni through Anthony Briançon to Denis Bouanga. Dismissing the team. It is not enough if you are entitled to a Costieres in the final whistle. It is a relief that does not make it into the 14th place. On their side, Nice climbs to sixth place. To go through a beautiful international power outage.

A movie of a match

1 minute
Bouanga got a bad pass from D.Barbosa to Atal and immediately hit the left side and entered. W. Benitez intervenes in two stages that missed the first step.

6 minutes
A fine for Nîmes. In front of Thioub, M.Sarr made Nimes the second time, and he made the mistake of wanting to catch up. Bozok is responsible for this sentence, but his shot on the left is too soft to win W.Benitez.

21 minutes
To transplant from left to right axes, the Maouassa is taken from its orbit. He dries D.Barbosa first before doing any dangerous intervention with Cyprien. Logically, he receives a second warning, which is a synonym for Red Card.

45 minutes + 2 minutes
Atal overflows to the right, Atal cuts the grass at full speed to Landre who ends the action very late and especially dangerous tackle. Thus the former Parisians are logically expelled.

55 minutes
On the left, the Maolida center line leaves Ganago and puts pressure on Lybohy. If you have a pool table, you can take advantage of Balotelli. Balotelli's powerful shot gives Bernardo Nietzsche a fine reflex on his left hand.

59 minutes
After joining with Atal on the right, the Jallet moves to the input position. His shot from 20 meters was not far from Bernardoni, who was slightly moved by Briançon and left the parade.

60 minutes (0-1)
Cyprien picks up the ball heavily repulsed by Nîmes' defense and moves M. Srr to the left. Nice's defender center was caught in the far post of Ayala. His half-Bali cross surpasses Bernardo despite his desperate return to his line Brian Song.

72 minutes
Among the excellent services behind the Nîmes defense, Cyprien looks for Atal on the right. Niçois used Paquiez as an inner hook and was tied to the strike by rolling from the left side to the opposite side of the skylight. Bernardo relaxes to push on the other hand.

82 minutes
Nice corner on the right. He attracted him to Sabani, and Dante was ahead of him. The ball finally goes right beside W.Benitez's goal and is taped to his line.

93 minutes
Attal runs away from the right side and faces Bernardo Niño. However, his cross shots were rejected by goalkeeper Nimes and he decided to quit his team once again.

Tops and slippers


ATAL, who created the first goal in L1, was fully profited. The Algerian doubled the excess in his hall and broke into the second half, climbing a step further in an interesting contest with Jallet. Despite himself, he triggered the expulsion of Landre.

The two goalkeepers played a big game in turn. BENITEZ made the decision by blocking Bozok's penalty kick, and Nice would have spent an hour and a half in weak time. BERNARDONI who kept the 0-0 and tied the precious film in the second half to protect his team until the end.

From one end of the conference to the other, Brian Conn went to his end and did not leave the good captain. It thrived on its surface to defeat the Niçoises attack, including winning a number of aerial duel and excellent sense of anticipation. Without it, Nimes would surely have eaten a lot of broth in the second period.

Flop 3

MAOUASSA was ejected in only 20 minutes. Declaring an obvious foul, he must have been better involved in the second yellow card action. The fact that his aggressive explosion created an exciting start to the game is even greater.

Through all of our experience, LANDRE had no right to be banned in turn at the end of the break, leaving nine teams. His actions were also a threat to Attal's physical integrity and could provide a period of good resignation. He also ruined a particularly satisfying start, especially in a duel with Balotelli.

BALOTELLI could not open his counter correctly at L1, had no goals, and had no decisive pass. Especially the striker in Nice did not show a very positive attitude and spent more time in attracting the audience in Kostier than playing soccer. Frustrated again.

Judgment to Report

In a very nervous game, Benoît Bastien was responsible for expelling two Nîmes before half-time after giving Crocos a penalty. Each time the referee made the right decision and finally negotiated a meeting that could come out for him. fattened.

Match sheet

L1 (day 38) / NÎMES – NICE: 0-1

Costieres (about 10,000 spectators)
Cold Weather – Medium Grass
Referee : M.Bastien ((7))

goal : Athal (61st) – Nice

warning : Maouassa (14th and 21st place), Valls (92st place), Noumes – D.Barbosa (17th), Balotelli (29th), Hérelle (57th), Jallet Savanier

retirement : Maouassa of Nîmes (21st) and Landre (45th + 2)

Bernardoni ((7)) – Ripart (5), Briançon (hat)6), Landre (3), Maouassa (Not evaluated) – Thioub (4) Alioui (82nd place), Savanier6), Walsh (5),5) – Bozok (3) Next Lybohy (45th + 5 / 5), Ume (4) Paquiez (46th place / 4)

I did not participate. : Valette (g), Miguel, Bobichon, After
coach : B. Braquette

W. Benitez (6) – Hérelle (4), Dante (Cape) (5), M.Sarr (5) – Atal ((7)), D.Barbosa (3) Next Ganago (46th / 4), Tamez (5), Cyprus (6), Jallet (5) – Balotelli (3) Next, Makengo (75th place), Maolida (4)

I did not participate. : Cardinale (g), Burner, Boscagli, Walter, Sacko
coach : P.Vieira

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