Thursday , November 26 2020

Sheikh Alassane Sene supports Idrissa Seck.

Senegal, Senegal, my dear compatriots, here, and in the diaspora. It was a compelling moment for you, I decided to release my choice among the five candidates kneeling before you. More missions: preside over the fate of Senegal … The times are hard, Senegal is upset, and the future of our children is never compromised. Our country is shaking due to unprecedented political uncertainty. The report is clear. The Republican Party is bad. The social imbalance has shifted because the regime has trampled on all benchmarks of major conventions when it tries to give authority to uncertainty. Especially the return of Thierno Suleiman Baal's exile in 1723 or the noble attitude of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba to the great revolution "Torodo". We were embarrassed because of the floods like today. Intimated collusion with his clan, awakened our fears and infected our hopes. And I've never seen such a massive slip and financial scandal before. Managing the work of the Republic is not a child's play and does not cover personal information even if the rules remain confidential. It should not be a family or a clan. It is everyone's business. For days or days, I thought a lot about my decision and the future of the country. Hamza Bubakar, a former parliamentary member of the mosque in Paris, said 20 years ago that Senegal would become an El Dorado, and his sons were there to get more care and devotion. To their eminent religious leaders. And thank God, this deadline is already today. Today is definitely shorter than tomorrow than yesterday. I met the candidates and their messengers, and devoted patriots and Senegal loved peace to the citizens of Valencia. But at the same time, I felt pressure to prevent the bottleneck of the republic. More than half a century. We have been together in Senegal and have exchanged for the purpose of excluding anyone. And God knows that they all are drawn to a strong desire to serve us. And at the time of choice, I would like to put a weight on the scale of freedom to choose and guess it. You will understand. No one will direct my political choice, even if I am not popular, and in this case it will not. Because I have decided to stay in the camp of people I can not. With an overwhelming majority, we want to find a safe alternative to shifts based on universal suffrage that will surely fix our common fate. Verbal terrorism, emotional pressure, and aggressive growth will have little impact on our efforts. We will bring them into full accountability, and we will share them with all our compatriots in the form of civil riots against the presidential oligarchy. We have an agenda, and nothing will change it. So I made a decision with Idrissa Seck candidate on behalf of our movement "Daj Dëpp". Idrissa Seck will let people around the world dream about the Senegal vision we want to build. My choice is not guided by emotion. Because for me, reflection must go beyond passion, have great responsibility, and it will develop our younger generation. We are ready to win this election, and we must not fail against this enemy in public conflict with his people. And we know that we can meet such challenges. Our victory will then be based on information based on beliefs, consultations and observations that are far from any fragility of the mind. I started a few months while Senegalese people traveled around the country to see Senegal's history, restoring Senegal and making many projects worthy of its luster worthy of it. I will never betray them. . Dear Koreans, there are three signs of ending: physical ability, enormous financial power, and public tastes. As the incarnated person falls into the artificial fantasy, his fall is fatal. And of course, this veil is blocking the view of some thoughtless and vengeful leaders. When He says that He is the one who has taken power, He speaks to those who hang on it, and only the cruel ones exercise it. So we all work together and build a strong Senegal with the Union "Idy 2019". Equal dignity prospered for us to live. We will fill our land and clear it with our imagination and ambition, bringing unfruitful fruit available for all to turn it green. Be prepared to lead the people's struggle with me along with Idrissa Seck candidates to all activists of the "Daj Dévelop" movement, our sympathizers, friends and relatives. Therefore, what happens in the third alternation must be clearly germinated in our thinking. It is like my intimate belief. Dear Idrissa Seck, My membership in your union is only a logical extension of my civil struggle. I did not want to go fast to work, I whistled bigger than the wind and did not want to announce this choice at the moment. Observing and persisting time spasms from time to time can spark ideas, make doubts clear, and move on to action. So I decided to keep it quiet in my mind, observe, calmly run the marathon, and fix this choice from scratch. You are a candidate for youth, and for her father, women, change, public, intellectual elite. You are also a deeper candidate in Senegal and your time is timely. We are fighting against your campaign with winners who have only a winning soul in this respect. Dear compatriots, I assert that all the powers of the state can participate in the unified approach of Idrissa Seck and the comprehensive outlook of that country, and draw our country out of the worthless hand of slavery. It is to overturn the sovereign state's decision to enjoy the republic's gold and deliberately damage our fundamental cultural values. Long live Daj Dëpp – Rewmi Long lives in Coalition Idy 2019 for a long time. Senegal Long live live Sheikh Alassane Sène Pdt Mvt "Daj Dëpp" Shasty4Idy

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