Saturday , May 15 2021

Singer Pink star now shines in Hollywood.

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Los Angeles (AFP)

Pop singer Pink (Pink), the famous "Walk of Fame" Hollywood gathered topics. I became a "surreal" honor for her.

A 39 – year – old singer said her husband and two children surrounded him and said, "I have the impression of dreaming, someone will pick me up and pick out the left arch."

I pay my respects to her father who returned to the music industry's debut stage at Alecia Moore's Grammy Awards on Sunday. A dream despite his difficulties.

"Today, I celebrate what your father taught me." "You have to believe in yourself, do not give up," the singer added.

Pink has 20 Grammy nominations, including three championships. On Sunday, she will compete again in the "Best Pop Vocal Album" category for her "beautiful trauma".

"My husband, Carrie, joked," I can not wait to get my new Grammys because I put Grammy on foil every time I lose. "

Pink already has 7 albums and sold over 50 million copies.

Pink, who uses songs on her daily TV show, alongside comedian Ellen DeGeneres describes her ability to "stop her foot" by portraying the singer as a "tearful rock star" Praised.

Pink's career began with her participation in the Women's Choice Group. She released her first solo album, Platinum Double Disc (sold 2 million copies) in the US in 2000.

She received her first Grammy in 2002 with the group title "Lady Marmalade" recorded on the soundtrack of the movie "Moulin Rouge".

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