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Smart Objects: a source of concern, according to management

Dakar, March 15 (APS) – The use of smart objects is a major concern for consumer confidence, safety and privacy. Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs, Informal Sector and SME, Makhtar Lakh.

Makhtar Lakh addressed this year's International Consumer Day celebration and this year focuses on the topic of reliable connectivity products.

The meeting was jointly organized by the Department of Commerce, the consumer sector, the informal sector and small and medium enterprises and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ARTP), including consumer, private sector and consumer organizations.

Trade Minister Alioune Sarr, however, said Makhtar Lakh, "the Internet is a remarkable opportunity, especially for developing countries, economically, culturally and democratically."

"Connected products are about $ 23.1 billion worth of international consumers, three times more valuable than humans," he said.

Kalidou Gaye, director of legal affairs at ARTP, places the topic of this year's "Connected Products of Trust" at the heart of ARTP's specialization.

But he believes that "the Internet is a new opportunity for consumers" despite the emergence of technology connected with security and privacy concerns.

To this end, he reminded us that the privacy, cybercriminals, information sharing and transmission issues were specifically considered by the Senegalese government through Digital Strategy 2025.

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