Sunday , November 29 2020

Sonko's reliability put into the test

The National Assembly will catch rabbits raised by Ousmane Sonko in connection with the case of the 95 billion F CFA for use as an oil elbow. Apparently, this Friday in Congress, the Minister of Economy and Finance clarified to President Moustapha Niasse that his department is ready to answer all the questions of the Congress on this matter and will be willing to answer it. A request from the president of Aymérou Gingue, a majority lawmaker.
In other words, Sonko's credibility and brand image were tested just before the campaign began. But the leader of Pastef, who claims to have seized the complaints prosecution, is struggling to prove that he is not at the center of a cunning conflict of interest. If all the evidence that his complainant knows is displayed in the public square, on the TV, and in the hours of many audiences, Presidential candidate dressed in Richard Nixon can be mentioned. Presidential ambition for four weeks Thursday. Not because Tahirou Sarr band inevitably comes out of this snowy trial, but because of many contradictions that can break the other's line of defense. At this discretion, we were able to submit the words that were announced at a memorable press conference, but Mamour Diallo explicitly condemned $ 94 billion in theft without further details. We remember that Madamambal Diagne had a hard time negotiating with Atlas de Mercalex in the 2S TV set within a few days of defeating Mamadou Ibra Kane. Unfortunately, it will be depressed by audio recording. In this audio recording, I have expressed interest in this file which knows the global media influence. With the blockade, he declared the payment of 46 billion F CFA to unconditional injustice and thunderous applause. Mamour Diallo says he ' When it revealed that only 3 billion CFA francs were publicly disclosed in the Observateur's column, it rounded up to be false. Pastef (the party that started at the head compared to Senegal lambda and knew the owner's departure) is fired and can cause fish to fall into the water. Do not worry about it! In front of the agent, Ousmane Sonko is no longer fleeing. If he misses his oral address, his critical comments on the presidency will be obscured by the boomerang effect and his competitors will perform their duties. Conversely, if he is doing well, Mamour Diallo and Co will succeed in proving that he is a "thief" and he will be sued.
Now the question is how much Sonko was auditioned in Congress when the campaign started.

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