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The former "bitcoin" of France saves his life in Japanese justice.

Mark Karpelès protects his skin. Judging from the embezzlement and manipulation of computer data in Japan, the former "Baron" bitcoin eventually escaped imprisonment. The Tokyo court sentenced two and a half years on Friday. He is much lower than the verdict at the end of an innocent verdict on several points.

Prosecutors demanded firm bankruptcy for 10 years until early 2010, when MtGox, a major customer of Cryptocroft, took over 80 percent of world trade. Originally from Chenôve in the suburbs of Dijon, this pure geek and 34 year computer genius claimed innocence through a one-and-a-half-day trial. Audience

On charges of embezzlement and trust embezzlement, this virtual character was charged with forging computer data by creating fake virtual money. However, the defendant had previously had a clean criminal record and escaped the suspension because he had already completed a year in prison before the trial.

630,000-bit annihilation

The prosecutor accused the company of making a brilliant purchase, such as a "king size" bed, by giving money to his personal bank account several times from his account. However, the court found that the company paid the operating costs and did not excessively abuse MtGox money.

The charge was revealed during an investigation into the sudden disappearance of 6.3 million bits representing $ 450 million during this period, which was unveiled in early 2014. The disappearance finally blamed by the Japanese Ministry of Justice caused a great shock in the archipelago because of the many "savers" that Bitkomania cheated on.

It was an ideal killer for Japanese eyes arrested a year later. After making a vain attempt to force a confession, Japan's justice eventually rejected the theft. "At first, the attorneys accused me of abusing funds from customers., He explained in a few days ago interview. echo. Then they could not find anything and finally blamed me for being the only boss and deceiving the company that controlled 88%. "

Shortly after the trial began in July 2017, Greek police arrested a Russian hacker, Alexander Vinnik, who was suspected of being one of the main architects of 630,000 bit coin strength. The loot lasted almost two years without the management of MtGox was found to be defeated by the sudden success of the platform, resulting in a flaw in the security system.

Carlos Gon

In the case of Tokyo prosecutors, the ruling is an unexpected defeat in countries where the judge usually follows the prosecution's request. In the midst of this case, Carlos Ghosn was able to resume the debate over the excesses of the Japanese judicial system with this verdict. If the prosecutor underlines the vulnerability of criticizing the young French, the prosecution may decide to appeal the decision. "As soon as we get into the judicial system, innocence is almost impossible. If he also declared echo I am waiting for his verdict. The police have too many jobs and the judges and prosecutors are in danger when they are prosecuted. In the first case, innocence occurs in only 0.01% of cases. "

Like former Renault and Nissan bosses, MtGox's former chief is also under strong pressure to prosecute. The investigators repeatedly told him to confess. "I almost went gold, but fortunately I could resist.He says. I received an average of eight hours of interviews during the first few months. Did not you appoint a lawyer? Investigators often present an ink stamp that is just a click of a finger on the bottom of a confession and confession written in Japanese. "

This quantum physics enthusiast, who was released in July 2016, has been living in Japan since 2009. He had to leave his passport to his lawyer forbidding contact with 30 people and leaving Japan. But it did not prevent him from interfering with social networks that typically expressed his doubts about cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

Before the bubble bursts

Born after the 2008 financial crisis, this virtual currency was completely separated from the United States based on its reputation for liberal ideals. Bitcoin has been vegetarian at prices close to zero for years. (The first purchase of Bitcoin was to pay for two pizzas, a 10,000-bit cost). Many experts say the evolution is due to the fact that Bitcoin has become a major trading currency on the platform of the drug online supermarket "Dark Web". We have been able to purchase prohibited substances and products in all kinds of anonymized ways, avoiding the traceability of transactions anywhere on the Silk Road.

It will be a public phenomenon in 2016, and it will reach $ 20,000 in 2017 before the bubble bursts. Bitcoin is trading at about $ 3,900 today, which is much higher than the first. Some predict the bright future as the currencies of the real world collapse.

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