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Threat of Madagascar


It is not large, but fragrance and fragrance are distinct from other origins. The fruit of Madagascar ends the season as a must for the holiday home table of the European holiday home. Time is now on the balance sheet and is mixed. Clearly, Madagascar exporters with exports of more than 16,000 tonnes remain a major supplier to the European Union, but have registered at least a 20% shortfall. Reason: This year, consumers have avoided small nuts. "Not enough", "Not good enough."

The end of a marketing campaign to bear fruit in Madagascar. This product has been removed from most supermarket shelves in Europe. Despite the price drop associated with the deterioration of aged fruit, it is difficult to sell products.

In France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, stocks of Maragasy litchis did not find a buyer at the end of Christmas. Volume recently arrived from South Africa or Mozambique constitutes a real competition for Madagascar products.

It matured in mid-November and arrived in the market two weeks before Christmas, to be transported to the north. " Liech was not very good. We acknowledge one of the top five domestic exporters. " But importers wanted to fill their courage. Therefore, they intentionally accepted this parameter. He continues.

But the danger is hidden. There is a real separation between fruit farmers and logistics who want to remain anonymously as an agronomist specialized in the story. " He commanded that the fruit was festive fruit.He explains. The mayor imposed a schedule. But plants are not based on calendars! Today, it is not a mature harvest anymore, but it is the boat shipping date! "

We like the maturity of less picky fruits, do not keep the same amount each year, accept the risks from climate change, promote research on new and resistant varieties, and renew the aging trees of small producers … The opinions of the two interviewees According to the Big Island, if the actual reflection around the sector does not start quickly, it could lose its status as the world's top producer in the short term. Especially if you lose a lot of small Madagascar berries.

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