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U20 World Cup – Senegal, waiting for time.

  • Senegal to qualify for Poland 2019 as Vice President of Africa
  • Teranga Lions You will face Colombia and Tahiti hosting hostels.
  • Two good performances in Senegal

In U-20, Senegal dominated the African scene for six years Teranga Lions They advanced to the continental finals three consecutive times but had to settle for second place and FIFA U20 World Cup qualifying tickets.

"In Senegal, it is not clear that we will be in Africa for the third consecutive year," said Youssouph Dabo, coach of Teanga Lions. "It is good to reach this stage of competition already, which means that we are getting closer from the beginning, one day it will pass."

The U-20 African Cup is an important turning point for the Senegalese team. The Senegal team won the World Cup finals in the final tournament. Teranga Lions The continent's best choice.

"Our qualification for the World Cup was due to the course at CAN and the final finals in Niger, which was a good competition for us and we felt that this group had made a lot of progress. It's important, "Coach added. "We missed the historic coronation."

Senegal quickly began preparing for the World Cup from May 23 to June 15. The African vice president arrived in Poland to make final adjustments last Monday.

"We are well prepared, we have a whole group with us now and it's okay, we should continue to do well and concentrate on getting to know what we are doing." Senegal's technicians are called up to a list of official players To the public. Among them is Alpha Diounkou, the great hope of Manchester City.

Be careful of surprises.

In the group stage Senegal welcomes Colombia and Tahiti.

"We will already be facing Tahiti, we have no idea, and there is always a surprise about this kind of opponent." On the downside, Colombia is regular in the tournament and Poland plays at home. I will have confidence, "says Dabo. "It's a tough group, but we expected it because we are talking about the World Cup, the fight will be heated, we will have a chance and we will catch them."

Senegal went to New Zealand's semi-finals in 2015 and was defeated by another African team, Mali. Two years later, in Korea, Teranga Lions It fell to Mexico in the 16th round.

Dabo's plan is clear. "We will play because we will dance without thinking about two previous editions, we have to get out of our group, and we will" see. Senegal's coach said: "Every team in Poland can win the tournament, and Senegal is one of them."

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