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We tested the meeting in the hologram with Magic Leap.

Thanks to Augmented Reality, BNP Paribas Real Estate will distribute its programs in nearly six countries to enable teleconferencing. Mysterious new magic magic is his partner.

In this experience is the Jedi Council of Star Wars. Instead of seeing the fire hologram of Obi Wan Kenobi, protesters of BNP Paribas Real Estate presented a real estate project. The company announced that Viva Tech will develop augmented reality technology to embed virtual reality elements into the real world for teams based in Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Frankfurt and Paris. .

After six months of testing, she worked with the American Magic Leap unicorn. The start-ups were very impressed by the video that highlighted the appetite of Google and Lucasfilm and raised nearly $ 2 billion from major investors before experiencing the real crisis. In 2016, she deceived the video and admitted to lie to investors far away from rival Microsoft. The giant is actually one of the first people to start in the sector with an augmented reality helmet Hololens, his last model is bluff and much more compact.

Kevin Cardona, Innovation Director at BNP Paribas Real Estate, said: "Magic Lip is the best way to organize remote meetings between our employees and some investors. Imagine you want to visit the unconstructed Tower of London from Covent Garden BNP Paribas suggests a project in your home for a virtual experience using a hologram rather than visiting a building site I will.

Holograms may experience some offsets for the demo effect, but as a whole, teleconferencing is more fun than video conferencing software. In May, Magic Leap acquired French-Belgian startup Mymesis to scan and model user's movements in 3D and in real time. BNP Paris Real Estate considers this purpose to be cost effective and energy saving for this team. Another advantage is that augmented reality costs less than repeating a trip or maintaining a telemark. A BNP spokesperson said, "It costs 150,000 euros per telepresence room and requires a minimum of two for the entire exchange, so it will soon have a significant budget."

Magic gasoline

Magic gasoline Elisa Brown

From the summer of 2018, Magic Leap has been marketing its eyewear, and brands want to call it a "device" to distinguish it from Microsoft's HoloLens. Magic Leap 1 It costs about $ 2300 and is usually difficult for people to access. Only a small number of non-European developers or partner companies have access to relatively obscure rules From the start familiar with the secret .

Although it is difficult to test, Magic Leap gives a deep impression depending on depth. Their retro-futuristic trend design is the most successful on the market today. Comfort level, 20 minutes after landing, the device feels good, and the same sacred trace remains on the Konaima. Each branch is equipped with eight cameras, integrated microphones and speakers, which do not include the hardware required for software calculations.

The light pack slides into the pocket or back of the jeans.

The light pack slides into the pocket or back of the jeans. Elisa Brown

All information is embedded in the "Light Pack", a nice circular case attached to the device with a cable that passes back to the shoulder. Slide the light pack through the notch in the back pocket or, if not, into the garment. This design choice is unique to Magic Leap. Microsoft HoloLens actually provides all the information about the helmet. "We still use these technologies to stage the first iPhone, but the jumps are already impressive." Kevin Cardonna, who presented the pioneering approach through the teleportation experience, summarizes.

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