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17 year old pizza If you receive pizza and pancake rules for 16 hours a day, send money to your child! (Picture)


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He does not miss Novak: Dijana Djokovic

He does not miss Novak's game: Dijana Djokovic, Photo: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

* She has three sons with Srđan: Novak, Đorđe and Marko

* Stefan and Tara's proud grandmother (Novak's children)

* Novak Djokovic overcame Roger Federer 3-2!

The best player in the world has always been supported by his family through his career. So it was during a historic match against Federer in the Wimbledon final.

His younger brother was absent from Wimbledon, but they were proud parents of his father, son Stefan and Uncle Goran.

The big money that NOVAK & # 39; S BRAC wrote on the official list for all players.

His parents were very tired watching the game, Srdjan always responded to each spot, and Diane experienced an emotionally dramatic game.

KRAJINOVIC Passport After Shocked Crown Umag Tournament, Serbian Tennis Players Officially Know! Filipe, from cap to floor (video)

She prayed for her son. During most of the bouts in her hands, a cross hung on her door was caught.

Diana was born in Belgrade in 1964, father Zdenka and mother Elizabeth (military medical center) who moved from Vinkovci to Belgrade. Her father was a volleyball and felt fit to be an athlete. However, considering her case and obligation to her children, she finished her college, but she had three trials.

She devoted her utmost devotion to her family, and she interviewed the media.

"I have both my wife Marko and Djoleta, which is not Novak, but who is trying to work hard on the ground to stimulate emotions without flying, We were happy and proud, and he chose Novak's brother, Marco's brother, the tennis champion, Novak, I called Đorđe Đorđe Đoković Novak had his way, but Marco and Jorse They are still looking for him. They may be comfortable in other sports, but I want to carry a heavy load and play tennis. "

When he was small Novak Djokovic, photo: twitter / vidaytenis

The way the manager started NOVAKA, "Eating grass through unnatural behavior seemed to stagger! The audience feels no applause," he said. FEDERER MILJENIK

Srdjan and they went through real rubbish and Diana spoke to the "Vecernji List" newspaper about the difficult financial situation that went through Novak's success.

"Honestly, if we do not have money in Roland Garroll or Wimbledon, there's a time when we can not really go to all because we can not go in. There were a lot of situations, and eventually we would be like that. We did not pay him, did not tell us whether we had it or not, he had to be created for him, I worked 17, 10, 15 or 16 hours at Coponic Mountain's restaurant. Jan traveled with him and sent all the money I made to them.We ate pancakes and pizzas.I did everything.Pancakes, bars, pizza rules.After all the money paid off, said.

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Novak Djokovic's strong motivational message!

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