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About Vuletić's deductive method of Terzic: "Everyone is scratching where it is"


General manager of FC Red Star Jédén Terz
He mentioned the procedure of the Partisan leaders at the beginning of the game.
The Serbian champions and Liverpool delivered to the English club boss.
Black and white uniform with number four.

You can read more about this. Here, a
The same day, Vladimir Partizan Vladimir's vice president announced.
Vuletic in the statement was delivered to the "Mondo" portal.
He replied to Terzic.

"In his compassion of pride, we have not heard about 20 days
There is nothing about the last two outcomes of the club.
What kind of immaturity did the Partisan leaders pass on,
Jürgen Klop has shown his interest in uniform 4.
Any suggestion about goals scored

As a small contribution to his doctoral thesis, I look forward to him.
I remind you that Klop has the biggest part of his career career.
4 in the jersey. The coach showed great respect.
It has Natalia Ramon and Albanian markings at the rim.
Commemorating the great victory of Serbia against oneself
During World War I.

With respect for this gesture, our red and white fans
Airport staff did not return the same amount, but keep the correct amount.
Puzzler interpreted by the doctor in a deductive way
Everyone except the ones who are there, four times symbolism
It does it. "

According to his (Terzic) pointless logic, when he visited a guest
Partizan is currently coached by director Saint-Germain Thomas Tuhel
When I got a jersey with number six, the question then
Although Tuhel was in the process, he was a medical association.
Studder Kikers and Ulma's toy career most often wore.
Six in the Jersey.

He did not miss or say Njegoš.
& # 39; Impossible & # 39 ;.

Njegoš and the star's boss have only one thing in common.
Montenegro. The first was the director and the master, and the other was the fugitive.
In the territory at the time of the Interpol investigation,
Vladimir Vuletic's statement.

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